THE Fish Creek Hotel recently installed two Tesla electric car recharging points, filling a large gap in the market according to the hotel’s Kevin Peavey.
“Our first users, Drs Alan Montague and Maree Mastwyk were absolutely ‘thrilled’ to find the charging station when they visited for lunch with Maree’s mother (Mrs Mary Mastwyk),” Kevin said.
“Alan tells me that it’s a fast charger (64kw per hour) and much faster than his one at home.
“Basically, you can fill your car with ‘fuel’ while you have a leisurely lunch/dinner in beautiful South Gippsland.
“It was a delight, as finding charging stations in the country really limits where you can travel.
“There was a huge gap in South Gippsland between charging stations… and there was no charging station between Inverloch and Sale – until now!”