BEST known as ‘Leon from Leongatha’ for his exploits on a bicycle, especially as associated with the annual Leongatha Cycling Carnival and Great Victorian Bike Ride, Leon Watchorn admits to at least one other vice – old cars.
Although he won’t hear too much of the ‘old’ spoken around his pride and joy, a light blue 1956 FJ Holden, a relatively rare ute model, still beautifully original in almost every way.
“I’ve had it for about 20 years now. I got it from a local bloke Graham Runciman and it’s a really nice car,” said Leon.
“I’ve just been down to Inverloch for a drive to the Men’s Shed and it didn’t miss a beat, no worries.”
And just like all cars from this era, they’re a breeze to work on whenever anything’s required although that’s not often.
Leon also has a 1935 Ford which he likes to take for a run from time to time.
But it’s the iconic Aussie FJ that’s his favourite.
“It’s done about 150,000 miles I’d say and it’s still in really good nick.”