Our council and ratepayers of Inverloch are losing valuable revenue from boat ramp fees that are not being paid by weekenders and holiday visitors.
Over the Christmas and holiday periods, the boat ramp car park is usually full of cars and boat trailers.
On a busy day, I regularly count at least 15 plus cars and trailers that do not have a ramp pass.
At $10 per car and trailer, it amounts to an average of around $150 to $200 a day.
Count the days over Christmas etc. and it adds up to a very tidy sum.
I was at the boat ramp on Sunday (November 26) counted six cars with jet-ski trailers that did not have a ramp ticket and this was not a usual busy day.
Unfortunately, many also park their cars and trailers out in the street to avoid paying a fee and this takes away valuable car parking space in our streets.
The fee payable is for using the ramp as well as parking. A number of regular offenders are local weekenders. I have been at the ramp on extremely busy days when the car park is full.
The ranger has regularly driven into the car park, seen how crowded it is and then continues to drive out of the car park without making any attempt to check cars for ramp tickets.
The same ranger will return on a week day when there are only a few local cars and tailers in the car park.
He knows that most of them are local and do have a red yearly pass, and if the wind has blown the ticket off the dashboard, will take photos and book the owner of that vehicle.
Why is it is good enough to book locals and not visitors and tourists?
Only a minute number of outsiders are being booked.
This amounts to blatant discrimination. With the large influx of holidayers over Christmas etc., why are rangers so scarce in Inverloch?
Council maintain that an out of town company handle the ramp and car park fines and yet the actual person who writes out the fines and completes the paperwork is a local ranger being paid by us, the Bass Coast ratepayers.
Geoff Moore, Inverloch.