I own a horse drawn carriage company in Melbourne CBD. Our farm is located in Bunyip only a short 40-minute drive to Coronet Bay – our closest beach.
In summer when the weather is too hot to work we like to treat our staff and our horses to some time at the beach to cool off. Our horses and staff love it.
We also like to bring our horses to the beach after a big weekend working for the therapeutic benefits.
It benefits their physical and mental wellbeing.
We have also taken injured horses to the beach to help the healing process.
A permit is fine and we don’t mind paying for one but with the limited parking and time restrictions between 9.30am and 11am it would be chaos and basically impossible.
There will be arguments over parking and people like ourselves, who travel a fair distance to get there, will be left very upset.
I am strongly urging you to reconsider the timing restrictions.
So many people enjoy the beach with their equine companions, this is so disappointing to hear.
Jaime Crichton, Bunyip.