KILCUNDA residents are tired of the “chaotic” car parking along the Bass Highway, where there’s no formal car parking outside the town’s main shops.
Using a planning application for a development to demonstrate their point – a two-storey building which was knocked back at the November meeting – the Kilcunda Community Association says residents have been concerned about the increase in traffic for decades.
And while the group did not have a view on the permit, she said it shows how it will further exacerbate the problem.
Speaking with councillors, politicians and
VicRoads on “repeated occasions”, residents say there’s been little outcome.
“After years of asking, the speed limit was eventually reduced to 60km/h through the town, but ever increasing traffic flows makes crossing the highway a dangerous exercise,” said Kilcunda Community Association secretary Andrea Bolch.
She said it’s an issue for pedestrians crossing the road and motorists trying to pull out onto the highway.
There is no pedestrian crossing for the Bass Highway in Kilcunda to cross from the shops to the beach and local school children regularly have to run across the road to get to bus stops.
“The chaotic and dangerous parking outside the General Store, pub, extending down past Carew Street is just one element of the overall traffic and pedestrian issues that residents and visitors alike believe needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.”
She said because the town was in the process of formalising a skate park in the beachside car park area, the issues “could not be pushed away”.
The Kilcunda Community Association wants to see two upgrades in the town, with a safe form of pedestrian crossing and a functional parking system.
Anyone driving from Anderson to Leongatha would notice the car counters on the roads VicRoads has been installing and moving around over the past few months.
Cr Stephen Fullarton looked at the view from the business owners and said if there were roughly 45 to 50 car spaces now, it would drop to about 20 after it was formalised.
“You’ll probably reduce it to 20 by the time they get it legal. At the moment, they park into the road and whatever, I do appreciate the danger side of it,” Cr Fullarton said.
Ms Bolch said the Kilcunda Community Association “fully supports” Kilcunda businesses and wouldn’t want to see anything introduced which negatively impacts on their business.
“We like the development of the community businesses within the town. It’s more not going forward with anything which is going to make the situation worse.”
VicRoads is investing money in studying the roads from Anderson to Leongatha, so there is hope and as Mayor Cr Pamela Rothfield said, the whole stretch of road is “certainly on the radar”.