AN AMBULANCE auxiliary group which fundraises for the Grantville Ambulance Station is calling on residents to volunteer, after their recent AGM lapsed due to a lack of committee members.
The Grantville and District Ambulance Auxiliary has rescheduled its AGM for November, where positions will be vacated and with the hope all positions will be filled so the group can continue to fundraise.
Key personnel at Ambulance Victoria have expressed interest in attending the meeting, keen to gain momentum in the area.
The ambulances don’t solely cover the Waterline area, they drive anywhere from Lang Lang and Korumburra to Cowes, depending on the availability of other paramedics.
Ambulance stations are funded by the State Government for the basic essentials, including gear and vans.
But they’re required to fund additional training gear themselves and that’s where their local ambulance auxiliary group comes in.
Grantville Ambulance Auxiliary president Barrie Stewart said it’s a common belief
the stations are fully funded by the State Government.
“It’s very similar to the CFA. They have the basic equipment but in order to train and keep up their skills, they need to fundraise,” he said.
“You can get an Ambulance Victoria membership and that means you don’t have to pay if you needed to be transported to hospital, but that doesn’t cover training gear.”
Barrie recalls receiving a $2500 bill after a trip in an ambulance to a hospital.
He applied to be a member after receiving the bill.
The auxiliary group fundraises through sausage sizzles and shopping trips.
The volunteers organise a bus into the city with locals to visit to about 10 shops. There’s a small cost to hop on the bus and the auxiliary receives a commission from the sales.
“Depending on how many people you have the bus, it can be cheaper,” he said.
“People can take lunch with them and we have raffles on the bus trip, it’s all good fun.
“One year we raised $2000 from commission from the shops.”
All equipment purchased goes through Ambulance Victoria head office approval and they negotiate on behalf of ambulance auxiliaries to get good deals.
Each year, the auxiliary also sets out a wish-list for the Grantville station and they work with the responders to ensure the money is being spent on priority equipment.
Barrie said while there is a bit of work when organising fundraising activities, the purchasing of the equipment is handled by Ambulance Victoria, which takes pressure off the group.
The AGM will be held on Thursday, November 16 at the Grantville Transaction Centre from 7.30pm.