Peg Elliott and Bev Mitchell will be among the artists featured at the Leongatha Painters Group Art Exhibition held at the Korumburra Art Gallery from November 8 to 19. N014517

Seventeen members of the Leongatha Painters Group contributed to this painting, working on individual squares in a grid, and without knowing what the full picture would be when complete. This will be the feature work at the exhibition and will be for sale. N024517

MORE than 150 paintings by members of the Leongatha Painters Group will fill the Korumburra Art Gallery from November 8 to 19.
The group features painters from throughout South Gippsland who meet regularly at the Guide Hall in Leongatha. They range in age from 23 to 80-plus and all have different areas of expertise. Some have decades of experience and some are new to painting.
But 17 of them come together to produce an extraordinary piece of the art (pictured) that will be the feature of the exhibition.
Under the guidance of teacher Florence Crighton, they completed a mystery grid project.
Looking at the final result, you would never know that painting consisted of 20 even squares, 13.3cm x 13.5cm, four across and five down, each painted by different people at different times.
“Seventeen people had a square or two to paint,” Florence said.
“Each square was painted from a square 4.5cm x 4.5cm, three times smaller than the square on the painting.
“After each square was completed, it was covered with a sheet of paper, with 1cm exposed around the edge so the next artist had an idea of colours used and lines to match up.
“The small square they had did not really represent anything, and kept them guessing until the end when we then had a happy unveiling.
“The end result proves that you don’t have to know what you are painting to produce something beautiful.”
The painting will be for sale at the exhibition.
Peg Elliott, who’s been with the group for nine years, and was one of the artists involved in the grid project, will have 10 paintings in the exhibition.
“I’m strictly a watercolour artist who paints birds. I’m part of the water colour classes with Flo on Thursday.
“They’re a lovely, friendly group of people.”
Bev Mitchell said Florence is an amazing mentor.
“My background is in design and printing. I’ve only been painting for just over two years but she’s helped me improve so much.”
Florence has three groups, one class at night and two during the day to cater for working people and hobbyists.
You can see their work until Sunday, November 19 with the exhibition to conclude on that day with afternoon tea from 1.30pm – everyone is welcome.