Over the past six months or so I have been appalled at the large number of hit and run drivers who have left their poor victims to bleed to death.
May I therefore use your newspaper to thank the brave young man who, dazzled by the rising sun on March 14 this year, had the misfortune to run me down as I walked my dog in Wonthaggi.
Fortunately for me he had the courage and the consideration to stop, call the ambulance and the police, thereby saving my life.
I am so grateful, as although I am 78 years old, I do feel that I still have a lot of living to do.
May I also thank the staff at the Royal Hospital Melbourne, the Epworth Hospital Richmond and the Epworth Hospital Hawthorn who between them used their various skills to stop my bleeding, mend my broken bones, provide me with a prosthesis (false) right foot and over the many months have cheered and encouraged me to get strong enough to walk again (slowly I must admit!).
Another thank you must go to my wonderful extended family and friends whose prayers, get well cards, letters, gifts, phone calls and visits over the past seven months have inspired me to help myself in my recovery.
It is amazing what you can achieve with the right mindset.
A final thank you must go to the TAC who have financed my treatment etc. I now understand and appreciate the need for the third party insurance that I, with every other driver, pay every time we renew the annual registration on our vehicles.
Thank you for reading this letter.
Diana Pile (better known in Wonthaggi as Candy Pile), Rose Lodge, Wonthaggi.