Teenage charity fundraiser Asta White is thanked by Survivors of Suicide organisers Tanya Worden (left) and Koula Dimopoulos (right).

COWES teenager Asta White has raised more than $700 to support ‘Survivors of Suicide’, the organisation working to banish the horrors of suicide from the Bass Coast.
Asta, whose parents, Ben and Tanja, own the popular Cowes eatery ‘Nordic Kantine’, ran a waffle food caravan in front of the Thompson Avenue eatery on Melbourne Cup Day, and raised $741.10.
“It was an easy decision, because I really wanted to show that people like those at SOS help just as much as larger organisations,” she said.
“I loved every part of the fundraising and would one hundred per cent suggest it to anyone that wants to support something that’s local and is really going to make a difference.”
There on the day to support her, and to eat some of the really tasty waffles, were SOS organisers and counsellors, Tanya Worden and Koula Dimopoulos.
“We could see just how proud Asta’s mum and dad were of her,” Koula said.
“They were right to be proud. Suicide is a terrible thing and it’s only by coming together as a community that we can do something about it.”
According to Tanya and Koula, and everyone else who bought one on the day, the waffles were
“If Asta gets her cooking skills from her mother and father, then I can’t wait to visit Nordic Kantine,” Tanya said.
‘Survivors of Suicide’ is an organisation that offers support and help to those feeling depressed or suicidal.
This support is available to all people in Bass Coast, who are urged to reach out for help if it’s needed.
Visit www.survivorsofsuicide.com for a list of helpline numbers and contacts. You do not need to suffer in silence with mental health, there are people who care and who are there to help you.