POLICE are cracking down on speeding in school zones, with highway patrol and uniform officers enforcing speed limits across Bass Coast and South Gippsland.
Operation ‘School’s In’ launched recently and is part of an ongoing local road safety plan.
Sergeant Peter Pearce said police will be monitoring speed around school zones whenever they get the chance.
“It is an issue. We’ve detected people who don’t slow down,” he said.
“Most people are compliant, just every now and then someone will choose not to slow down and needs to be educated.”
Sgt Pearce said the school speed limit signs are clearly visible and are part of everyday surroundings drivers should be looking out for when driving.
Research shows children under 12 don’t have the skills and experience to be safe in traffic.
“It is part of a longer sustained effort and officers will continue to monitor speed around school zones after the operation ends.”
Wonthaggi Police detected a 50-year-old driver travelling past St Joseph’s Primary School at 84km/h last month.
It was during school times when the speed limit is 40km/h. He also had false number plates on his car.
The driver was issued with two infringement notices totalling $991 and received six demerit points.