A PETITION and a report pointing to public transport deficiencies in South Gippsland have been launched by members of the South West Gippsland Transport Group.
They’re calling for a fair go for local public transport users and claim South Gippsland is the most neglected area in the state when it comes to principal and local public transport services.
“We feel we have been very poorly dealt with when it comes to local transport services in particular,” said Cr Andrew McEwen, the chair of the transport lobby group.
“Take a look at Leongatha and Korumburra as a cluster area, it doesn’t have a local bus service connecting the two where other towns of this size in most other parts of Victoria do have those services.”
He said locals who rely on public transport couldn’t always get access to or afford taxi services when needing to travel between Leongatha and Korumburra, for example, for work, medical appointments etc while other communities in the area also needed to be connected as well.
Cr McEwen said services such as a ‘telebus’ service, where passengers can alter the bus route to suit them by phoning in their pick-up point, should also be considered.
“We’ve made arrangements with Melina Bath MP to present the petition for us and we’ll have it out for people to sign this week,” Cr McEwen said.
The group has also launched a report highlighting the lack of public transport services locally.
Cr McEwen’s colleague, Cr Jeremey Rich said he had raised the issue with the South East Australian Transport Strategy group of which he was a member, to enlist its support.