THE Leongatha Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Leongatha Rotary Club have made a concerted pitch to the South Gippsland Council for major changes to its draft master plan for the redevelopment of the Leongatha Rail Yards.
And it’s not too late it seems, even at this 11th hour, for their concerns to be considered.
As noted by the new mayor Cr Lorraine Brunt, the comments by these two groups will be considered when the council meets to discuss the issue in the next week.
The chamber and Rotary have called principally for two things; the relocation of the proposed Bike Ed/Traffic School and for significantly more car parking spaces as part of the redevelopment.
“We’ve worked out that you could gain an extra 80 car spaces to what you have already, including an additional four long vehicle car parking spaces,” said Brenton Williams, president of the Leongatha Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Ross Garner, representing the Leongatha Rotary Club said the group was disappointed with the draft plan and also with aspects of the public consultation.
Key points, he said, included that the location of the bike ed facility was totally unsuitable (especially access by special needs children to toilets, access by busses etc) and he claimed the schools had not been contacted for their feedback.
He said that while the draft master plan was a reasonable starting point, it was being concluded with “undue haste”.
Cr Alyson Skinner asked how the consultation process could have been improved given that she thought there had been considerable opportunity for community input.
Mr Garner claimed some elements of the community were surprised with what was being proposed in the draft master plan and were seeking a longer period of time for feedback.
He said he was of the understanding that the Traffic Accident Commission would be prepared to contribute to the Bike Ed/Traffic School and the Rotary Club as well but only if the location of the Bike Ed facility was changed.
Brenton Williams said that it wasn’t until members of the chamber visited the site and looked at the plans on the ground that they came to the opinion that changes needed to be made.