The group watch the drone in action during the field day.

A FIELD day where the star of the show was a drone attracted 35 people from five different Landcare groups to Jon and Marg Hauser’s farm in the Bass hills.
It was a fantastic, informative event where Robbie Gray from Bass Coast Landcare displayed the past five years of fauna monitoring results utilising infrared camera traps, mainly in and around the Holden proving ground.
Robbie also showed the group how to install the cameras to get the best possible results.
Dave Bateman from the Bass Coast Landcare Network said several Landcare members enquired about lending the traps to gather data for the network’s monitoring program.
“This is fantastic as BCLN is trying to get a broader picture of what fauna we have on private land.”
After Robbie’s great presentation and demonstration the group was amazed with innovative ways Matt Lee from Uavation analytics was utilising drone technology to monitor koalas in dense bushland and even wild dogs.
Matt also talked about how drones could be used to map the success of revegetation projects and work out the levels of certain weed species. The technology is only going to get better and less expensive to operate. Matt also gave a demonstration of flying one of his drones on the property and captured some fantastic vision.
“A big thanks from BCLN to the Victorian State Government’s Threatened Species initiative and Robbie, Matt Lee and Jon and Marg Hauser for hosting the day,” Dave said.
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