The South Gippsland Shire Council’s manager of planning, Paul Stampton chats with Terry Waycott of the Korumburra Round Table about options for the relocation of the library and the development of a new Community Hub should the new supermarket project go ahead. Mr Waycott is not in favour of the old kinder site being too steep and too costly to develop. He’s concerned about the number of houses that would be lost in Victoria Street if the old Birralee centre site was chosen and while he favours Option Three, the railway yards as centrally located, he concedes there may be problems there as well. m074617

THE new Korumburra supermarket and community hub proposal is coming to a head.
And there’s a lot riding on it.
On the one hand, you’ve got the $13 million new Michael’s Supa IGA Supermarket project and upwards of $10 million in other developments to flow on from that including a new community hub and library.
On the other hand, though, two of the three options for the development of a community hub/library replacement require the compulsory acquisition of a house and business premises (Option One) if the old kinder site is used, or three houses (Option Two) fronting Victoria Street if the old Birralee Childcare Centre site is the preferred location.
Option Three, on the railway yards, would not require the acquisition of private property and has the advantage of being the most centrally located but it would have to go through a tortuous process involving the notoriously ponderous Victorian Rail Track Corporation (VicTrack).
But it would lead to the single biggest development in Korumburra’s history if it goes ahead.
Five houses in King Street are earmarked for removal, not to mention the library and old shire offices, to make way for it.
But the shire offices and library were due to be vacated in seven or eight years’ time anyway, with a new community hub slated for 2024-25.
Tuesday last week, Melbourne Cup Day, was the last chance to make comment or raise an objection to the granting of a planning permit for the supermarket development and we understand that one legitimate objection only was lodged.
This would allow the Council or the shire administration on delegation to issue a Notice of Decision.
“Council can issue a Notice of Decision (that it intends to issue a planning permit) and the concerns might be able to be addressed with conditions but objectors have up to 60 days to appeal to VCAT. If they do, it could take six to eight months before the matter is resolved,” Mr Stampton said, at a well-attended community drop-in session about the project last Thursday.
Next Wednesday, November 22 the council will be asked to authorise the sale of the old shire offices and library (155-165 Commercial Street), a house owned by the council (1 King Street) and the former Birralee Childcare Centre site (28 Victoria Street) to make way for the supermarket.
Council received eight submissions all objecting to the sale of the library site and the majority of submissions oppose the use of a mobile library service while a new library is built.
Council is likely to provide the following advice to objectors about why it will move forward with the sale of the sites:
“The supermarket proposal is a rare opportunity to locate a new, larger, full-line Michael’s IGA supermarket in the main street (corner Commercial and King Streets) as identified through the Korumburra Centre Framework Plan that is supported by Council and the wider community. The project presents an opportunity to provide the community with new infrastructure that will accommodate a permanent library and associated community services. Council will relocate the Library to a permanent facility in Korumburra.”
Mr Stampton said the development of the supermarket would simply prompt the shire to move its plans for a new community hub forward from 2024-25 to the 2019-20 financial year.
It’s decision time for the Council on the supermarket and disposal of its property but the community still has time to comment on the best location for the community hub and library.
Submissions to the Discussion Paper must be received at Council by Close of Business on Friday, November 24 2017.
For Council to formally consider your views they require a written submission. Written submissions can be sent to Strategic Planning, South Gippsland Shire Council, Private Bag 4 Leongatha 3953 or email