THIS is a Honda Civic, circa 1989-91. It is being driven on the road under the Vicroads’ Club Permit Scheme.
It surely must be evidence enough that the system is being rorted!
Really, who is going to have a 1990 Honda Civic as a classic car or collectors’ item? Answer: no one!
It’s clearly a ruse for paying $147.50 (up to 90 days use) or $76.40 (up to 45 days) registration where the rest of us are paying up towards $700.
Sure, you’ve got to join a registered car club which is cheap and easy enough. You can do it on line.
And the car has to be at least 25 years old. But imagine if everyone was doing it.
The State Government needs to clamp down on it and stop the cheapskates from avoiding paying their share of the state’s rego tax for roads etc and also the slice the TAC gets, leaving the rest of us muggins to pay more.