The Wooreen Warriors would like to thank everyone who supported us in our opposition to the 400,000 bird broiler ‘farm’ application, planned for the beautiful and peaceful Wooreen valley.
We are extremely grateful for your efforts large and small – it all helped.
Thank you to all who objected, encouraged others to object, wrote letters to the editor, communicated with South Gippsland Shire councillors, contacted the planning department or turned up to the council meetings.
Thank you also to the large numbers of people who wished us luck, shared their opinions or congratulated us – to know that our views are widely shared has been very encouraging.
We would especially like to thank the councillors who took the time to engage with and listen to the people they represent.
It was reassuring to witness common sense prevail at the council vote and their rejection of the proposal gave the community confidence that the South Gippsland Shire Council can ensure that South Gippsland will continue to be about appropriate business in appropriate locations.
Wooreen Warriors.