The current situation at the South Gippsland Shire Council reminds me of divorcing parents and we the ratepayers and residents are the poor suffering children listening to the war of words.
Instead of thinking about what is best for us, they are too consumed by their own emotions and anger.
Here’s a thought – how about take a good look at yourselves. Instead of this egotistical behaviour, perhaps reflect on why you chose to run for office.
Was it for your own egos or was it to help and serve our communities?
Communities that are going through massive core shaking changes eg Murray Goulburn, farming crisis, job losses, youth unemployment, ice etc.
As far I am concerned, this mudslinging behaviour on all sides is pointless, ugly and pathetic.
You are grown men and women, and frankly, most people would agree that your behaviours are unprofessional and a poor example and reputation of our beautiful region.
I am angry, angry at how the town/region of which I was born bred, left and chose to return to is being governed.
We need businesses to be attracted and encouraged to establish here, we need our roads fixed, we need better services.
What we don’t need is petty bullying.
If you were children at school you would be made to look at your behaviour, apologise and change.
Considering your behaviours are so childlike perhaps this should be the case. Do you need to be put on a time out?
When we unite we are powerful, we conquer.
When we divide, we achieve nothing.
So I put it to all the councillors present and past. Stop the fighting, the name calling, sign the divorce papers, but remember what brought you all together.
It’s us, your region.
We are begging. Stop and listen and do what’s best for us!
Think of our future not your past.
Katrina Markley Neeson, Leongatha.