RE: An article in the Sentinel-Times, Walkerville project’s $122,000 shortfall.

The article states that by deferring a decision on a $61,850 request from the Walkerville Foreshore Committee (WFC), the council may have done the (WFC) a favour.
While maybe doing the WFC a favour it is certainly not doing the ratepayers and residents of the South Gippsland Shire any favours.
In my opinion WFC is an arrogant and autocratic committee that shire officers tell us is not representative of anyone but themselves.
They certainly believe they are ‘a power unto themselves’ when interfering with parking on a shire beach side road.
The fact that it would reduce the total area for parking seems to fit well with the overall plan to limit visitors, boaters, tourists etc; which is to protect some locals own little bit of paradise.
As was suggested in the Comments page of the Sentinel-Times recently by Mr Giles the visitors, boaters and tourists should go to Port Welshpool or Inverloch to launch their boats or enjoy a day at the beach.
One can only wonder how those locals and the ratepayers from the Bass Coast Shire would respond if some committee of management was trying to reduce their parking area by nearly half.
Originally the WFC was given $130,000 towards the Walkerville project. Now the South Gippsland Shire Council has approved an extra $61,850 to be given to the committee. It might not be long until the WFC is back for the other $60,150.
Even the DELWP must be getting confused and probably weary with the conflicts and the range of costings coming through.
From some $400,000 and fully funded to about $1.5 million.
Then take a look at this wonderful seawall, built against sound engineering advice which after a heavy downpour of rain recently flooded the road up to 80cm in depth.
Is the seawall finished yet? If so, it has major safety issues. If not, how many hundreds of tonnes of rock are to be added?
It would also be a sound idea to allow for some drainage. The seawall with a vertical face to the sea will achieve the maximum spray when waves hit it.
It might even be able to toss some of those rocks as far as the road during a king tide and storm surge.
We can only hope that the DELWP might say, “For God’s sake, stick to what you were set up for and leave issues like the road to the SGSC.” The SGSC need to listen to the views of all of its ratepayers.
Richard Turner, on behalf of many disgruntled residents and ratepayers at Walkerville.