We want people to stop using plastic shopping bags. They are an enormous, expensive, environmental problem.
Earlier this year Bass Coast Boomerang Bags installed a box at Ritchies IGA in Wonthaggi to give away reusable boomerang bags. More than 2000 bags were provided for Ritchies customers.
Unfortunately we have seen few boomerang bags being reused and little change in people’s attitudes to plastic bags.
Ritchies has a large chain of supermarkets. Their head office response to our question about a plan to phase out single use plastic bags was disappointing.
They have no plans to phase out plastic bags while they are a legal product. They believe many of their customers prefer them and by allowing people to use their own bags or purchase a reusable bag, they are meeting everyone’s needs.
Since Coles and Woolworths have announced they are phasing out single use plastic bags next year, and independent IGA stores at Foster and San Remo are taking action, Ritchies is being left behind.
Our group has withdrawn our box from Wonthaggi Ritchies IGA since we felt bags were disappearing into a black hole, never to be seen again – our job would never end.
We are concentrating our efforts on supporting local businesses, including the stores at Coronet Bay and Corinella that have pledged their support to be plastic bag free.
Aileen Vening, Plastic Bag Free Bass Coast.