VicRoads is a century-old organisation that is changing the way we work to better reflect the needs of the communities we serve.
We have a lot of technical expertise, but we know that local communities are the experts when it comes to understanding the impacts roads can make on their businesses and daily lives.
The senior leadership team at VicRoads has visited every region in the state this year, asking the people who drive and depend on rural roads every day about how we can better plan, build, manage and maintain the 19,000km of country arterial roads.
We’ve met with people, businesses and councils in Korumburra, Leongatha, Morwell, Stratford, Bairnsdale and Omeo, and held conversations in community halls, schools, dockyards and stockyards.
We’ve tapped the optimism of thousands of people who love their regions, and engaged with 11,000 people in online forums about what’s important to them.
This will not be a one-off conversation. It’s become very clear that we need to engage communities regularly on issues that once we would have been considered ‘operational’ but are the issues that really matter.
Dangerous intersections, narrow roads, poor drainage, slow and ineffective repairs, impacts on buses and trucks and the need for more overtaking lanes, cycling and pedestrian paths are among key concerns raised with us.
Fundamentally, people want honesty about the state of their roads and what can be done to fix them, in realistic timelines.
Hard choices sometimes need to be made, and we need to make them together.
You’ll be hearing more from us now about why, how and what we’re doing on your behalf to improve the roads that people and industries rely on.
The opportunities to work more collaboratively with local governments and industries to align our efforts are everywhere.
Country Roads – Your Insights, Our Actions draws on all this important feedback to improve the way we plan, build, manage and maintain country roads in the next five years and beyond.
John Merritt, Chief Executive, VicRoads.