A MALE driver of a ute was lucky to escape injury after he attempted to pass a truck on the Bass Highway on the way to Inverloch from Wonthaggi.
He came to grief early afternoon on Wednesday, December 20, and can thank the truck driver that he didn’t kill himself or motorists coming in the opposite direction.
The truck driver slammed on the brakes when he realised the ute driver was quickly running out of room.
The ute just clipped the front of the truck as it attempted to veer back to the left side of the road, sending it into a spin and backwards into the tea tree on the side of the highway.
Police and ambulance attended. The driver of the ute was taken to hospital for observation and released shortly after.
He was issued infringement notices for careless driving and overtaking when unsafe.
Leading Senior Constable Scott Simcock from Bass Coast Highway Patrol urged drivers to be patient at all times, and particularly at this time of year.
“It’s a timely reminder for drivers to make sure the road is clear before attempting to overtake.
“Fortunately this incident was relatively minor in the end, but it could have been so much worse, especially with a heavy vehicle involved.”
LSC Simcock said the roads will be busier around the coast in the next few weeks, and urged drivers to take extra care.