IN A near perfect finish to her final year of high school, Wonthaggi Secondary College student Lyla Wilson has claimed the Dux award for receiving the highest ATAR score for the school with an amazing score of 99.40.
Lyla received two perfect scores of 50 in Biology and Chemistry and performed strongly in her other subjects of mathematical methods, specialist maths, English and Japanese.
The secret to Lyla’s success is pretty simple, hard work and enjoying the subjects that she chose for her final year.
“There’s no real secret to it, just putting in the hard work and enjoying what you’re learning about.”
She would spend about four hours each weeknight studying, bumping it up to six hours each on Saturdays and Sundays.
Lyla will now wait to receive her university acceptances which will arrive in the coming weeks. She’s keen to get into a BioMedicine course at the University of Melbourne.
It was a successful year all round for Wonthaggi Secondary College with all 96 students who enrolled into Year 12 this year successfully completing their VCE education, along with 22 students who completed the VCAL program and have moved into the workforce.
McBride campus principal Marg O’Donnell was very proud of the achievements of not only the students but the school as a whole.
“We pride ourselves on being a school catering for everyone and the success of our VCE and VCAL students really reflects the inclusive environment of Wonthaggi Secondary College.
“This year we held our awards ceremony prior to the announcement of the ATAR scores so that we could celebrate the achievements of all our students completing their final year of high school.”

PRINCIPAL of Korumburra Secondary College John Wilson says the school is very proud of its outgoing Year 12 students, who received their exam results and ATAR scores last Friday.
Mr Wilson said 98 per cent of students achieved a Senior Secondary Certificate, with three students achieving Senior VCAL and 30 achieving VCE.
Alana Hanegraaf and Will Lumby have been accepted in to the Latrobe University Aspire Early Admissions Program, and Kayla Harbridge has been offered a $5000 scholarship at Federation University.
A number of students have secured apprenticeships and employment during the year, including Jodie Roberts who has been working in Korumburra as a legal secretary.
“We are very proud of all our students and everything that they have achieved,” Mr Wilson said on Friday.
“Our students have shown resilience, respect, lifelong learning and a strong commitment to personal excellence all year and their perseverance has paid off in their results.
“Whilst we are so proud of our students results, we are also mindful that an ATAR is not a measure of a students’ ability to be respectful, kind, loving, a good friend or successful for that matter.
“The ATAR is simply a tool used by institutions for a specific purpose: getting you into a course. It doesn’t reflect who you are as a person and does not determine your capabilities.
“We knew that our students were all successful before these results came out and they remain so because they have the qualities that our community values.
“That is to be active citizens, enjoy positive relationships and create happiness in their lives and those around them. Well done KSC Class of 2017.”
The Year 12 dux will be announced at the school’s presentation night tonight.

FOSTER Secondary College had three students score in the 90s for their ATARs, followed by six in the 80s.
They’re impressive results from the Year 12 cohort of just 38 students.
Senior school leader Mark Tutor said that small cohort worked in students’ favour, offering smaller class sizes and making sure students got the support they needed.
“We are all so very happy,” he said on Friday.
“It’s a great reward for the teachers and students who put in so much work.”
There were nine subject scores or ‘study scores’ above 40, putting those students in the top nine per cent in Victoria.
This was followed by 27 subject scores above 36, equating to the top 20 per cent in the state.
“We had scores above 36 in almost every subject so across the board from history to the arts to biology; it has been a wonderful year and it’s a tribute to the whole cohort,” Mark said.
“Kate Jenkins took out the ‘dux’ award, she was our highest-achiever.”
Principal Matt McPhee echoed comments of his colleague and applauded students on the great results.
So what’s their secret? Matt said there’s a fantastic school culture.
“We have some of our students meeting with our careers’ teacher to talk about changing their university preferences because they did better than they thought.”
The school has a high rate of students successfully following their planned career paths.

Principal David Leslie congratulated the class of 2017.
“We are very pleased and proud of our students’ VCE results. Fifty-eight sat for VCE exams and all have succeeded.
“The class of 2017 has done very well. Most will gain entry to their first or second preference for University. There are lots of excited students and happy families today,” Mr Leslie said on Friday.
“We are proud of them all.”
Dux: Julia Enter 96.95
Runner-up: Harrison Marshall 89.25.
Top Five scores: 1. 96.95, 2. 89.25, 3. 88.9, 4. 88.8, 5. 88.25.
Initial calculations give the following:
• 25 per cent of ATAR scores above 80.
• 29 per cent of ATAR are in top quarter.
• 41 per cent of ATAR scores above 70.
• 5.5 per cent of scaled Study Scores above 40.
• 19 per cent of students have a study score of 40 or above.
“A very big thank-you to the teachers who have worked so well to get the most out of their students this year,” Mr Leslie said.
“A particular feature is the depth of performance with a solid spread of scores in the 70s and 80s.
“This indicates strong, effective teaching across the board. There are a number of classes where multiple students have scored 40 or more – this only happens when the teacher really knows her or his business and has worked hard for their students.
“We are proud of our 22 Applied Learners too. Eight are in apprenticeships, five have places in their preferred TAFE, six are already employed and three are still deciding.”

“We are proud to announce our VCE results for 2017, as the overall results reflect the excellent work and commitment shown by staff and students this year,” Newhaven College principal Gea Lovell said.
“We celebrate each student’s results, knowing that all had their own journey to travel.
“Behind every single score is a story, where some students faced personal issues that impacted on their studies. We applaud their success, as they persevered with the support of our staff, to achieve their very best.
“I am very thankful to the many in our school community for the help they gave to those who required special support, so that they could gain this significant milestone.”
Mrs Lovell said a number of Year 11 students undertook Year 12 studies with great success.
“We celebrate their great results with them. They are well on the way to gaining their VCE in 2018.
“We are of course, equally proud of our high achievers. Of note was our improved median study score of 31 with 21 study scores of 40 plus, and a perfect score of 50 in Chemistry.
“Our dux is Millicent Thomas with a study score of 98.75. Others scoring in the 90s are Olivia Flower, Alice Ellerton, Maria Rosa-Gato, Maddy Comerford, and Alyse Brusamarello.”
Those who gained a study score of 45 or more were:
• Millicent Thomas, Chemistry, 50 (perfect score).
• Aaron Fraser (Y11), Business Management, 47.
• Olivia Flower, Environmental Science, 47.
• Maddy Comerford, Psychology, 46.
• Oliva Hughes, Food Studies, 45.
• Millicent Thomas, Physics, 45.
“It is significant that all of our students at Newhaven College gained their VCE certificate, and it is right that each student should be congratulated,” Mrs Lovell said.
“While the academic statistical summary of the Class of 2017 is impressive, success and impact are measured through a much wider lens.
“Our students achieved these excellent results whilst at the same time being fully involved in the life of the school, in their community and in charity events throughout the year. We are certainly very proud of our Class of 2017.”

After VCE results were released last Friday, Korumburra Secondary College students Alana Hanegraaf and Ashlin O’Flaherty met Mary Mac students Katie Baido and Roshi Saini, and Leongatha Secondary College student Fasika Somerville-Smith for breakfast at a Korumburra cafe. All five will be heading to uni, having achieved high enough ATARs to get into one or more of their course preferences. From left: Fasika (Criminology & Psychology at Deakin), Katie (Psychology (honours) at Deakin), Roshi (Health Science at RMIT or Deakin), Ashlin (Forensic Science & Criminology at Deakin), Alana (Health Science at Monash or Latrobe). kg035117