Rising waters in the backyard of this home in Wonthaggi were typical of low-lying areas as authorities scrambled to make sandbags available as the storm built up a head of steam locally. Z204917

THE flood warnings for Gippsland over the weekend meant the Wonthaggi SES was prepared for the worst case scenario.
Although there was minor flooding on Friday, including two separate calls for a flooded backyards and a leaky roof, the local unit had a pile of sand ready to go just in case.
Eight people dropped by on Friday morning to pick up sand bags from the SES as rain pelted down.
It looks like the worst of it is over, including for SES volunteer Matthew Rundle. Now we can get on with summer! MM204917

UPWARDS of 100mm of rain fell across the weekend in parts of South Gippsland.
But apart from flash-flooding in some low-lying residential areas, minor damage to houses and retail premises caused by leaking roofs, the threat of rising waters in Inverloch’s main street and water across roads in expected areas… the predicted stormageddon didn’t arrive.
Of course, weekend sports were also largely called off, as well as outdoor events like The Waifs, set to appear at Mossvale Park as part of the Summer Nights series (postponed until February 4, 2018) but it didn’t turn out too badly after all.
In fact the biggest impact turned out to be on weekend business operators who reported greatly reduced travelling public numbers as people stayed home in Melbourne, scared off by the “no unnecessary travel” warning.
Inverloch and Phillip Island for example were noticeably quieter with some intending visitors phoning through to cancel accommodation, tours and restaurant bookings.
Rainfall figures for the stormy weekend included: Wonthaggi 108mm, Leongatha 67.5mm, Inverloch 59mm, Thorpdale 88mm, Fish Creek 90mm, Won Wron (near Yarram) 129mm, Yarram 73mm and the Latrobe Valley 58mm.
One of the worst hit areas was a section of McKenzie Street, Wonthaggi where several houses were flooded up to, but not quite into houses. SES crews visited to monitor the situation but floodwaters receded as quickly as they rose.
The response from farmers is that the rain has arrived at exactly the right time to freshen up pastures, especially in the eastern parts of South Gippsland where they’ve been missing out on heavy rain for months.
The dams have had a nice top-up to help get through summer.

Drainage issue spills into yards
WONTHAGGI residents have again been left with flooded backyards in McKenzie Street thanks to an outdated drainage pit that sits next to their properties.
The pit is central to surrounding estates and takes a large amount of McKenzie Street’s water.
Overtime the pit has caused flooding to the walking path causing the water to spill into the surrounding backyards.
According to the victims this has been happening during large downpours for the past 15 years and despite asking authorities for a resolution to the matter numerous times, they were told the drainage pit was in good working order.
Luckily the rain eased for the remainder of the weekend before the situation became worse.