The sign that highlights the charges applicable at Inverloch.

On Friday, December 12, a Bass Coast Shire Ranger attended the local Inverloch boat ramp carpark and proceeded to check vehicles for Ramp Tickets.
He commenced doing his job of issuing fines to a number of vehicles that had not purchased tickets.
There were actually about five vehicles in the park with trailers.
When the Ranger was spoken to shortly after, he stated. Quote: “You do not need to purchase a ramp ticket ($10 or a current Ramp Pass) to use the boat ramp to launch and retrieve your boat/vessel, if you park your vehicle and trailer outside the car park in the street”.
This normally occurs on a regular basis over the holiday periods, taking up valuable car parking in our streets.
The large white council sign in the car park clearly states the charges which are applicable for the launching and retrieval of vessels.
The smaller Red and White parking sign also states ‘No Parking Unless Ramp Ticket Displayed’.
How does the council explain their large sign stating the ramp fees applicable and yet their own employed Ranger who checks and issues these fines, maintains that you can use the ramp for free if you do not park in the car park?
I and many other local ramp users are confused and car parking in Inverloch streets will become very scarce over the holiday period, once the holiday visitors become aware of these inconsistencies.
At present, I purchase a yearly Ramp Pass for $70 for launching and retrieving my boat.
Until the council clarifies and amends the existing confusion between the council and the employed Rangers, I will not be buying any more ramp passes.
I will park out in the streets and join the extremely long list of holiday users, who do not pay for the privilege to use the ramp or use the car park.
Bass Coast Shire Council is about to lose a lot of revenue being paid by local users when they find out about the conflicting obligations in using the ramp.
Where will the funds to maintain and service the ramp come from, when we locals cease to pay for Ramp Passes and subsidise other non-paying users?
Geoff Moore, Inverloch.