Landmark agent Stuart Jenkin said prices at VLE Leongatha saleyards last Thursday were a little down on the last store sale but better than expected. kg184817

Leongatha South farmer Barry McGrath was hoping to buy some replacement bullocks at the store sale at VLE Leongatha saleyards last Thursday. kg204817

PRICES were better than expected at the store sale at VLE Leongatha saleyards last Thursday.
The sizeable, but mixed yarding of 3000 cattle had no trouble selling to local buyers with plenty of grass waiting to be eaten.
The dry conditions in parts of Gippsland were on the minds of many in attendance but that didn’t stop the market growing stronger as the day went on.
Good quality well-bred Angus sold for $3.05-$3.20/kg. Heavy Herefords sold for $2.80-2.90/kg. Friesian steers around 485kg sold for $2.20/kg. Heifers sold for $3/kg.
Most cattle sold was heading back to local paddocks but there were two feedlotters in attendance who bought 300-400 big cattle each.
Landmark agent Stuart Jenkin said the cattle sold very well under the circumstances.
“Given what the fat markets are doing at the moment, I expected it to be cheaper,” he said.
“There were a fair few secondary sort of cattle but they weren’t hard to sell. And there wasn’t as big a crowd as there has been but there were enough people there to buy them,” he said.

Leongatha Store Sale on Thursday, Nov 23, 2017
2 Agostino RM Nambrok 1,560
6 Gorman PV Boolarra 1,560
1 Goldsmith HT & PR Dumbalk 1,550
11 Berry Bill Wonthaggi 1,520
14 Sugarloaf Nominees Bass 1,495
19 Tuckett GS & J Woodside 1,495

12 Murphy L & J Berrys Creek 1,470
8 McCormack BJ & TL Mirboo North 1,200
16 Sheridan And Partners Traralgon 1,200
12 Kuch DJ & KM Darriman 1,150
7 Shandley BJ & ND Leongatha North 1,140
14 Manina Pastroral Welshpool 1,120

1 Blum D & D Almurta 1,050

1 O’Loughlin BJ Mirboo North 1,500

Cow and Calf
11 Ainsworth JK Stradbroke 2,725
5 Hutchinson OB & CM Mardan 1,900
12 Merlewood Angus Mirboo Nth 1,900
2 Redpath Z Waratah 1,880
4 Peters S Mirboo North 1,725
19 Crooke IJ Rosedale 1,675