THE results of the recent South Gippsland Sub Branch Semex On Farm Judging Competition are in, after judge Marcus Young from Tasmania checked out 150 cows from 20 exhibitors.
Results of first three place getters are as follows:
* Mature Cow: 1st, View Fort Trekka Stylish, View Fort Holsteins, Matt Templeton; 2nd, Calderlea Goldwyn Telula, LG, LA & TC Calder; 3rd, Grantley Damian Fantasy, Jones family.
* 5 year old: 1st, Calderlea Lauthority Myra, LG, LA and TC Calder; 2nd, Harklaje Ginjack Bondi, TJ & JE Clark; 3rd, Carisma Pole Reggie, Maree Deenen.
* 4 year old: 1st, Bushlea Shottle Wave, Ash Harrison; 2nd, Willette Fever Hay, Jones family; 3rd, Q07 Medelion, M & N Bland.
* 3 year old: 1st, Attaview Doorman Jasmine; E, A & R Attenborough; 2nd, View Fort Destry Pink, View Fort Holsteins, Matt Templeton; 3rd, Krishlaye Windbrook Patti, Ash Harrison.
* 2 year old: 1st, Krishlaye Denzel Heidi, Ash Harrison; 2nd, View Fort Pacific Icon, View Fort Holsteins, Matt Templeton; 3rd, Hill Valley Monterey Silk, R & H Perrett.
The first two place getters have been judged in the state judging competition where results will be known next week.
The winner of the Moo-Sem Champion Cow was Matt Templeton.