VICROADS has released four draft concepts for upgrades to the Phillip Island Road in an effort to combat congestion and improve safety.
Coming up to the busy Christmas and New Year period, there’s no doubt the roads will be hectic, with frustrated motorists delayed in the scorching heat.
It’s particularly true from Anderson – where two lanes turn into one – for people trying to get to Phillip Island.
So VicRoads is focussing on the Phillip Island Road, which starts at the Anderson roundabout and finishes at the roundabout near the Cowes RSL and annual Island Carnival.
The four draft concepts include one for San Remo and three for Phillip Island.
The first concept looks at installing traffic lights in San Remo at the intersection of Back Beach Road and Phillip Island Road, with a small slip lane for traffic coming out of Marine Parade heading to the island.
Confusingly, there’s another Back Beach Road on Phillip Island. Its turn-off, coming from San Remo, is just before Sunset Strip.
The second concept suggests dual lanes both ways along Phillip Island Road from The Esplanade at Surf Beach – shortly after the turn-off for Forrest Caves – to the turn-off for Back Beach Road on the island.
The third concept includes concept two, in addition to installing a dual-lane roundabout at the intersection of Sunderland Bay Road, Rhyll-Newhaven Road and Phillip Island Road and a service road from The Esplanade to Rhyll-Newhaven Road.
The fourth concept also includes concept two, and the service road from The Esplanade to Rhyll-Newhaven Road in concept three, in addition to a dual-lane roundabout at the intersection of The Esplanade and Phillip Island Road.
According to feedback collected by VicRoads, the four main concerns for drivers on Phillip Island Road are:
• Safety concerns around congestion and access at Surf Beach
• Congestion, access and safety between Back Beach Road and Cowes (Ventnor Road)
• Lengthy delays with congestion between Bass Highway and San Remo
• Getting across the bridge onto and off the island in peak times can be lengthy, causing delays and congestion; and
• Turning onto and off Phillip Island Road through San Remo is creating safety and access issues.
More broadly, the most common issues discussed were: road safety, traffic flow, access onto and off Phillip Island, public transport services and facilities, the Phillip Island bridge, speed limits and duplication.
The four concepts are available online and open to comments.
After feedback is collected,
VicRoads will review the comments and update the plans, before releasing the final designs and revealing the next steps in progressing the planning for the upgrades.