CAN you believe it? The organisers of the 35th annual Korumburra Swap Meet, to be held this Sunday, January 14, the South Gippsland Historical Car Club are frankly amazed the event they started is still going.
And what’s more, according to the club’s publicity officer, and avid active member, Gerard Brunning, it’s still going strong.
“It was started 35 years ago and has gone from strength to strength, with no sign of waning,” said Gerard.
“And to think we’ll be pushing on to our 40th event after this, it’s quite amazing but that’s down to the people who turn up year after year and the stallholders. They’re great.”
Mr Bruning said the club members man the gate but noted that lots of other community groups get a return out of the big crowd that flocks in for food, drink and other services.
“It’s been a winner for the town and the whole area,” he said.
It’s not just a winner for the visitors to the swap meet but also for those looking for parts to complete a project.
One such person is South Gippsland Historical Car Club member, Lucas Farmer, who is close to achieving his dream of restoring a Ford Customline.
“Ever since I was 18 I had a desire to restore an old Ford Customline. Half-heartedly I looked at a couple of cars that were see-through from the bottom of the doors down,” said Lucas with a smile.
“But seven years ago I tripped over a 1954 Ford Customline, the same colour as my mother’s XM Falcon we had when I was a kid. It was an Australian delivered, matching numbers car in working condition, however it was in need of a bit of a makeover.”
That’s an understatement.
“The running gear was easy. Just rebuild it to original condition. The body was another story. Four years of problems with unreliable tradesmen and its ready to put back together.
“As it’s got a full history it was a must that it be as close to original as possible.
“Once assembly began the decision was made to buy a donor car for the odd bit here and there that wasn’t up to scratch. Which has served its purpose really well.
“It’s a 53 anniversary model that would be easy enough to give a little tidy up to as well.
“If all goes to plan, the car only needs a few minor details, an exhaust and a set of tyres and it’s right to go.”
Maybe Lucas can pick them up this Sunday at the Korumburra Swap Meet, at the Korumburra Showgrounds.