I was a recent visitor to your area and during my stay, travelled the Cape Paterson–Inverloch Road on a number of occasions.
I was truly horrified, what a hazardous road it is for cyclists and drivers as there is little width for cyclists to ride and for drivers to overtake them without crossing the centre line.
It is a horror for both parties and a site for a possible devastating accident to happen. The cost to make it safer would run into millions but the money that would be spent is needed elsewhere even knowing what a life is worth.
It must be stated that Bendigo is a city of hundreds of cyclists in large groups and single riders but suffered a loss just prior to Christmas on a road far superior to the road aforementioned.
In view of the new bike trial to Wonthaggi, cyclists should be warned off the Cape Paterson Road with suitable signs on that road as well on the routes out of Wonthaggi and Inverloch.
RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK would be very appropriate.
Ken Morrison, Bendigo.