MAKE it awkward, make it uncomfortable and make it difficult.

That’s the message from Wonthaggi’s Raneye Systems security company on stopping burglars breaking into your home or business.

At a Coronet Bay Neighbourhood Watch meeting last week, Raneye’s Ross Langlois spoke to the group about thefts in Bass Coast and how to deter criminals.

“The reports down here are pretty good,” he said of the crime in Coronet Bay.

“But Inverloch copped a fair flogging recently.

“There’s also the holiday spots like Cape Woolamai or Silverleaves which get targeted.”

He said there are ways to stop burglars in their tracks, including installing alarm systems and CCTV cameras.

“The price of security has come down,” he said, reflecting on a time about 20 years ago when he spent $600 on a black and white CCTV camera.

“Now they’re probably about $20 and they’re in colour!

“But you need to have good-quality cameras. If you’re filming at night through infrared you’ll only get white and grey.”

Although it might be obvious who is committing a crime, the courts are unlikely to accept footage if you can’t clearly see the person.

“If there was infrared footage and I was put in front of a Magistrate – I couldn’t 100 per cent confirm the identity of someone.

“That’s why we encourage people to have good LED lighting so you can get a clear picture of the person at night.”

But CCTV alone won’t always deter criminals; having an alarm system as well will alert neighbours when there’s an intruder and with most modern equipment, alert the property owner via a phone call.

“If an alarm goes off in my shop, the control centre calls and I can look on my iPad and see the shop through the cameras.

“If I don’t answer my phone, it’ll call someone else.”

Coronet Bay Neighbourhood Watch chairperson Ivan Bradshaw said it was an informative evening, and extended an invitation out to the local community for next month’s meeting.

“We thank Ross and his colleague Perry from Raneye Systems for coming down, it was much appreciated and everyone learnt something,” Ivan said.

The next Neighbourhood Watch meeting will be held on Monday, February 12 from 7pm at the Coronet Bay Hall.

All meetings are open to the local community to discuss safety and include an update on crime in Coronet Bay.