FOSTER woman and former local nurse, Alayne McKenzie, found herself on the wrong end of a doctor’s needle last week after she was attacked by a kangaroo on her farming property last Saturday, January 13.
Alayne and her husband Lloyd own a 116 acre property about 4kms out of Foster on the Foster–Fish Creek Road.
A good number of kangaroos frequent the property and those surrounding it.
Over the last three years there has been one large female kangaroo that has had a young joey each year and has been in the habit of spending most of her time with its joey grazing in the house paddock, according to Mr McKenzie.
“On Saturday Alayne was on her way out for the morning when she noticed that the little Joey had got itself caught up in the fence,” said Lloyd.
“She went over and began trying to free the joey from the fence.
“However mum, who had been about 80 metres away, on hearing the squealing of the joey came racing back and attacked Alayne, pushing her to the ground.
“Alayne finished up with deep cuts to her legs and clear paw marks and bruising on her chest, legs and behind,” he said.
Alayne managed to escape and got Joe Eldred, who also lives on the farm, to help release the young kangaroo. Joe subsequently advised her that the young joey had managed to free itself.
Alayne was able to drive herself to the South Gippsland Hospital 4kms away, where she received treatment and stitches (and a tetanus shot) for her cuts and bruising.
Reflecting afterwards Alayne was full of praise for the kangaroo for the way it sought to protect its joey from what it perceived was a threat. However she did also say that she would stop to think a bit more about the best way to approach the problem if a similar situation arises again.