In the Sentinel-Times, January 16, ‘Magistrate David Starvaggis new broom sweeps clean’ attitude to law and order is (thankfully) already putting justice back into what has laughingly been referred to as ‘the justice system’.
If facing (justified) hefty punishment for reprehensible violent crimes, cretinous thugs (may) think twice before launching into another callous and terrifying crime spree.
Incomprehensibly, the ‘relevant law enforcement authorities (including politicians with only clay between their ears) have adopted a ‘Mary Poppins’ softly, softly response to murderous rampaging barbarians because these (alleged) offenders have audaciously claimed that they suffer from ‘mental issues’.
Due to the no less than idiotic and insulting response from the ‘relevant law enforcement authorities’ regarding the Bourke and Flinders Street carnage, families and the innocent victims are left to suffer and are subjected to daily reminders of how these (alleged) offenders are literally ‘getting away with murder’.
If I plead ‘mental issues’ upon receiving a fine for jay-walking, will the ‘tough on crime’ proponents waive my fine?
John Hennessy, Inverloch.