Hooray for the green and gold – the new colours of Gippsland, thanks to that elusive body the Department of Environment or the Department of Many Name Changes.
Our federal, state and local governments tout clean, green and environmentally friendly. The crapping on never ends.
Plant pretty trees in carparks, separate bins for recyclables, can’t build houses on hills, tanks and fences have to be green and so on ad nauseam.
Our countryside is becoming a filthy disgrace of noxious weeds at a great rate of knots. First prize for appalling lack of action from the people we voted in to power.
It has taken generations of farming families that fed our nation to clean up our countryside and now to what avail? Like many others, my father and his father before him went to war and fought for our country. When they came back they fought with invasive weeds for the rest of their lives, with toxic and often ineffective sprays.
The government has given the finger to our old diggers and battlers and to all landholders that take pride in their respectful stewardship of the land.
This policy of non-action is leaving an abominable and expensive legacy to all current and future landholders.
When the clean-up finally comes, I’d like to have shares in the chemical companies because it will be a massive multi-million dollar operation that will, of course, wipe out our beautiful tree plantations and precious remnant vegetation.
Driving around Gippsland at the moment fills me with sadness, despair and anger and when I look at the farms that encroach on my boundary fences, brazen with neglected and out of control ragwort, thistles and blackberries, I shake my head in disbelief.
Fair suck of the sauce bottle pollies!
Bloody well do something!
Christine Webb, Mountain View.