By Nathan Johnston

THERE’S a hoon on a scooter ripping around Wonthaggi’s streets, and Bass Coast Shire councillor Brett Tessari has made it his aim to stop him.
By day, Cr Tessari is a real estate sales executive, and from his office in the centre of the CBD, he said he’s seen too many near misses.
“I know who it is and I’ve given his name and address to police,” Cr Tessari said.
“He flies around corners on his three wheeler scooter with his girlfriend on the back. He’s just missed a lady and didn’t stop to see if she was OK,” Cr Tessari said on Thursday last week.
He said scooters ridden inappropriately have become a “massive issue” in town.
“They are fantastic for those who need them to get around, don’t get me wrong. They provide the elderly and those with genuine disabilities with independence and access to the town.
“They do the right thing and ride them at walking pace.
“But some people are taking advantage of it, like this bloke. I question why he’s riding it. He either doesn’t have a licence or he can’t afford a car.”
Cr Tessari said he’ll take the matter to the Local Laws team to develop strict conditions on use and driver behaviour.
“We’ll see what we can do as a council and I’ve also asked police to look into it for me.
“Is it regulated? I’m not sure. If it is, it’s too loose.
“I’ve seen kids flying around on electric mini scooters without helmets on. There seems to be more and more of them, cutting between the roads and the footpaths, and you have to question how this could possibly be legal.”
He said the main offender has been at it for a couple of months.
“I see him every day. I’ve yelled out from the shop for him to slow down but he couldn’t care less.”
Until there are clear enforcement measures, Cr Tessari urged pedestrians to take care.
“There is a lunatic riding the main streets of Wonthaggi, so be careful!”