An Inverloch resident has taken to looking in his neighbours’ bins and naming and shaming them on Facebook when they get their recycling efforts wrong.

THE red bin collection controversy in Bass Coast has sparked all kinds of responses on social media but one we noticed on the weekend may have been too much, even for Facebook.
One commentator at Inverloch has taken to looking into his neighbours’ bins and then ‘naming and shaming’ them on FB for making mistakes with their recycling efforts. Tut, tut!
In the picture attached to the post, you can even read the name and address on the mail, in this case a fishing magazine (“still in the plastic wrapper”, says a quote from the post).
There’s also empty bottle of beer in the bin as well, Carlton Dry being the beverage of choice.
Now surely this is taking the debate that step too far. Surely a person’s rubbish bin is his or her business.
That’s etiquette lesson number one.
Etiquette lesson number two (number two being the operative word) involves people dropping their bag of doggie doo in your bin (recycle, green or waste) while it’s still sitting on the kerb, especially galling after it has been emptied.
It is reasonable opportunism or bad form? You be the judge!