When will something get done about drivers doing right-hand turns into angle parking spots in the main streets of Wonthaggi?
You commence to back out from a parking spot then check for traffic coming up the road, then you also have to check the opposite lane for drivers trying to do a right turn either in front of you or behind you. This practice also holds up all traffic behind them. Motorists are even doing right turns on the double lines at the pedestrian crossing outside the newsagents and Woolworths.
Definitely need a continuous white line on all roads with angle parking, and enforce it. It’s not too hard to go to the next roundabout and turn around and come back up the street and turn left into parking spot.
And how do we expect to encourage shoppers to the town with one hour parking limits on most main shopping streets. We need to get a bit more progressive.
A concerned motorist, name supplied.