THE controversial restructure of the South Gippsland Shire’s caravan parks at Yanakie and Port Welshpool is finally paying dividends with strong attendances over the Christmas-New Year holidays.
We asked the shire how the two parks are tracking this summer:
Q1. What have holiday bookings been like at Yanakie and Long Jetty, give relevant figures e.g. averaging 80 per cent capacity from Boxing Day onwards etc?
A1. Since Boxing Day, Yanakie is sitting at about 98% occupancy while Long Jetty is at about 95% occupancy. This is ideal as it allows some space for impromptu overnight stays that may generate future business.
Q2. Has the increase in the number of holiday makers and casual campers boosted the local economy?
A2. High visitation rates add to and stimulate the local economy.
Q3. Is the shire pleased with the progress being made?
A3. Since taking direct management of the parks, Council has addressed a number of non-compliance and infrastructure deficiencies. Each year the parks are improving from an amenity and visitation perspective. The overall response of visitors to the works that have taken place at both parks has been positive. People have commented on how the layout and accessibility of both parks have improved.
Q4. Has SGSC been able to work in with Parks Vic and other private sector operators to optimise accommodation?
A4. There is an informal process in place amongst all park operators in the region to refer visitors on if they cannot be accommodated at the park they’re enquiring about. This seems to work well for both visitors and operators.
Q5. What happens now with Waratah Beach Caravan Park?
A5. The current lessee is in negotiations with Council regarding a new five-year lease.
Q6. Will a report be made to council soon?
A6. The Caravan and Camping Parks Committee will report to Council at a point where it requires a Council resolution to progress its recommendations.