Re red bins to landfill… I read that the mayor thinks holiday home owners in Bass Coast should be making their own arrangements with regard to additional rubbish collections for the weeks which the council fails to deliver this service.
She should take note that constituents lucky enough to own holiday houses, pay full rates, but use no council services at all, apart from rubbish collection for just a few weeks a year, because they cunningly moved the rubbish collection day to mid-week, when holiday home owners can least use the service, thus saving council massive amounts of money in landfill costs.
I take no issue that I am supporting a vast array of services I will never use, but to be totally taken advantage of is unfair.
With the current rubbish collection system, I will be lucky to have a collection twice per year now, I would be far happier to see a user-pays rubbish collection which would save me heaps.
I thought user-pays was the future direction for council services, apparently not where rubbish collection is concerned.
The rubbish and smell in our street is outrageous, particularly in this hot weather, with many renters producing many times the garbage a normal household would, easily filling the bin in under a week.
If the mayor wanted a suggestion for a fair system for all home owners, it would collect the 120L bins every Monday morning in holiday home areas, so we get at least some value for our rates contribution to the shire.
All I want is a fair go, and council are certainly not giving that to holiday home owners.
Danny Hosemans, Melbourne