How disappointing is it to hear the PM’s comments, that he’s disappointed, in the rest of us, of course, about increasing objection to the date of Australia Day?
It’s a few years since it was revealed to me that it’s not about any kind of independence from colonisation, quite the opposite, which poses the question why isn’t it celebrated as Captain Cook’s Day, since it marks the day he first stepped ashore?
This news was surprising enough for me to ask many people, starting with my sons, finishing high school, then asking many more people. They were all completely oblivious and shocked that it’s not a celebration of independence.
In any conversation with international visitors, it’s even more of a surprise. It really makes us look foolish. The obvious alternative date would be the date of Federation but that’s even more foolish because it happens to be New Year’s Day.
To make us look less foolish, how about resolving change to different date by “letting the people have their say” with a plebiscite?
And maybe another one to ask how many people care about Senators being of dual citizenship? And another again about all other lack of action, nothing but distractions to do nothing more than grab headlines, like energy policy NEG, prepared for COAG, a whole 8 pages.
Turnbull and Hunt, and the rest, are surely most disappointing for grand standing on a topic that’s so remote from Canberra, violent events on the street, by a youth minor proportion, of minority immigrants, about which they know so little that they choose to attack the man rather than the issue.
For Feds to pick a fight with our State Premier, especially on such a dumb topic as “tough on crime” must amount to the proverbial last refuge of a scoundrel?
PM Turnbull, so much potential, disappointing beyond redemption, If he can’t be shamed into doing anything more constructive, relaxing the shackles of subservience to UK and in equality for all the minorities, then surely he can allow an “opinion survey” by post so we can tell him it really is the least he can do, to shift Australia Day.
If it was good enough for not so huge a topic or so large community group as LGBTI, then it must be good enough for the rest of us, about big celebration of nationhood, to spend another $200 million or so on another plebiscite?