With temperatures set to soar across the State this weekend well into the 40s, campers, riders and bushwalkers are urged to take care when venturing into national parks, reserves and state forests.

Forest Fire Management Victoria Chief Fire Officer Stephanie Rotarangi said, “We urge people to be responsible and check local conditions before entering parks and forests.
“Fire Danger Ratings are forecast to reach Extreme levels in the Mallee and Wimmera forecast districts and Severe and Very High in other parts of the state. These weather conditions mean any fires that start will be much harder to control.”
“Victoria’s parks and forests are spectacular places to enjoy nature but it is essential people stay informed as weather conditions and fire danger can change quickly.”
“Walking or riding in high temperatures can lead to heat stress. Some simple ways to avoid heat stress is to avoid walking during the hottest part of the day and drinking plenty of water.”
A Total Fire Ban has been declared across Victoria on Saturday.
Parks Victoria Director Fire and Emergency David Nugent said, “Some parks will close on days of severe or extreme fire danger. Check the Parks Victoria website at parks.vic.gov.au for details of any park closures, and always call Triple Zero in an emergency.”
“The hot weather conditions mean it is vital for people to know what they can and can’t around campfires and BBQs.”
Before you head out, check the weather conditions and if it is a Total Fire Ban (TFB).”  
“Solid fuel campfires and BBQs cannot be lit on Total Fire Ban days.”
“Escaped campfires cause around 10% of bushfires. Follow the rules and don’t let your campfire become a bushfire this summer.”
Simple tips to beat the heat include:
·        Check the weather: Be aware of high temperatures and hot winds
·        Keep cool: Stop and rest often in the shade. Do not walk during the hottest part of the day
·        Drink water: Take plenty of water for each person for your activities. Head back before you drink half your water
·        Help others: Check on others and make sure they are OK. If someone is unwell, head back immediately
·        Know the rules on campfires and BBQs: Visit www.ffm.vic.gov.au/permits-and-regulations/fire-restrictions-and-regulations to find out what you can and can’t do.