On the Saturday before Christmas, representatives from the Korumburra Rotary Club and the St Vincent de Paul Society welcomed families to the tables of toys provided by the Korumburra residents to the Rotary Club Tree at the Korumburra Pharmacy.
A steady stream of mums and children eagerly looked over the large range of toys and soon their faces lit up upon finding the toy of choice.
One Mum said: “I can now give my daughter a Christmas present and now she can also give me one too.”
Another Mum said: “I am so happy you are here today to help us otherwise we would not have any presents.”
Ewan and Doug smiled each time the mums and children went through the toys with glee and excitement.
Thanks to the Korumburra community for their generosity and goodwill, the Korumburra Pharmacy, the Korumburra Rotary and the St Vincent de Paul Society, for without this support these children would not have received any presents.
Thanks to the helpers Ewan, Kerry, Bob, Tony and Doug for supporting our friends in need.
Doug Knez, St Vincent de Paul Society Gippsland.