I am completely bewildered. Is Inverloch going to be teeming with flies, mice and rats over the next few weeks as rubbish bins overflow with the influx of holiday makers to our usually beautiful town?
I have been boasting about Bass Coast Council’s foresight in having a weekly recycle bin collection from Christmas Day until the end of January in the past. I thought we were so lucky.
The new bin system has been working so well. But, how can we cope with one fortnightly collection of the ‘red bin’ when visitors who don’t understand our new system, or don’t have time to, overfill the bin with nappies and other smelly nasties! Most holiday rental owners haven’t even taken the kitchen caddy bin off the back of their organic wheelie bin, let alone put it out.
How will holiday makers cope when they arrive at their accommodation to find the red waste bin already full? Even if the owner had the foresight to order an extra ‘red’ bin, it won’t alleviate the smell of the full one?
I thought we would have a weekly collection of our waste over the holiday period. I put my ‘red’ bin out last night in hope! I suppose we’ll have lots of ‘red’ bins out on the nature-strip from now until the next collection. This is already a common sight in Inverloch in the non-holiday period.
It might be too late for this holiday season, but let’s hope I’m wrong, and Inverloch doesn’t become the talking point of Melbourne for the wrong reasons.
Margaret Pope, Inverloch.