I was surprised to learn this week that the Leongatha Motorcycle Club has submitted a planning application to use the land at 85 Merrick Track, Leongatha South for motor cycle track events on weekdays.
Apparently the South Gippsland Shire Council received this application three months ago, yet residents affected by the application were not contacted or informed by them at any time.
The matter appears to have been kept under wraps. We now have only 14 days left to submit objections.
The Leongatha Motorcycle Club has been using the land for some time. However to allow them to do so on weekdays will be detrimental to the area.
As well as bush fire safety, noise and environmental concerns, this would reduce the income of the town by affecting its amenities.
Leongatha is midway between Wilsons Prom and Phillip Island, and is known for its natural attractions. The immediate area has 11 bed and breakfast businesses which would see reduced tourism, our reputation as a wildlife haven will be compromised, and the increased noise will affect serious play on the golf course.
It may well drive the wildlife further afield. Leongatha Golf Club relies on its regulars and will also be affected if this application is approved.
A better alternative would be the existing track at Outtrim, which is better suited to daytime events. Residents are encouraged to submit objections before the deadline of January 28 to enable the council to properly evaluate the application.
Carolyn Burton, Leongatha South.