As a ratepayer in Surf Parade (Inverloch) since 1971 and now retired to that property, I feel qualified to write regarding grave concerns about the future of this street with its natural bush like settings.
Over the years the style of housing has changed and though I enjoy progressive homes I lament the fact that so many choose to turn their properties into ‘Suburbia’ by demolishing the natural beauty of this street through degradation and removal of the native vegetation.
This brings me now to the huge concern over the intended expansion of the shared footpath eventually stretching the full length of Surf Parade and beyond.
Yes, I do love watching the happy Vegemites using the footpaths, but at what cost?
I reflect on the way the landscape has changed to mere suburbia as
you get closer to town from say the creek bridge.
This streetscape will become familiar to our determent as the heat reflecting concrete jungle with its posts and markings extends as time goes by.
Equally hideous are those highly unnecessary, ugly, nonsensical chicanes that so many complain of, yet the authorities persist in forcing cars to head dangerously toward pedestrians who naturally have that terrified look on their faces as we head toward them.
The speed humps are not a bad idea especially slowing traffic at the Goroke Street intersection. Sadly in my experience cars then break the 50km/h speed restriction once clear of these humps to make up for what they perceive as ‘lost time’.
There are ‘Hoons’ aplenty, believe me down this stretch of our street who seem to have open go without ever being caught or fined.
Now, to the hub of my concerns… Where (!) will cars be able to park as time goes by?
During this summer, as in many other summers since the lifesaving club was built, the traffic has increased dramatically, turning Surf Parade at many points into a one way street owing to the increasingly clever methods employed by “shy to walk” beach goers.
It’s even worse when the surf club hosts special events.
Before we stretch this path onwards, please will someone explain to me if there is a ‘plan’ that does not involve more highly ridiculous waste of ratepayers funds in using yet more consultants?
Hey! Is it possible that there is a plan from all that expenditure in the past that is going to solve the parking problem? Will it all end up in Lohr Avenue and side streets? Beware, you Lohr Avenue people! Rise up now! Demand answers from the council.
So tell me, Council, are we going to trash more of this lovely street in the name of a “concrete jungle” with this shared footpath?
Are we going to end up with the gradual creeping destruction of the lovely natural bush buffer between us and the beach? I totally encourage welcoming people to enjoy our lovely town and natural environment, but will we destroy through our carelessness that sanctuary that attracts them here.
A Forrester, Inverloch.