How ridiculous is it that so little recycling is actually done in Australia.
As 600,000 tonnes per year will no longer be acceptable by China, with no evident Plan B, it looks like much of this will go to landfill.
So news on Friday, February 23, is that the State Government now offers $13 million to local government for short term help.
Does this mean $13 million back to State in fees for increased landfill? Sounds like efficient recycling to me.
How ridiculous is it that current plan for landfill from east of Melbourne should go to the depot near Dandenong, then B-double trucks every 10 minutes all the way to Ravenhall quarry at the outer north west?
How ridiculous is it that the train line to Latrobe Valley, still the source of most of our electricity, has never been electrified beyond Pakenham?
How ridiculous is it that, instead of Ravenhall, what not use landfill garbage to fill much bigger holes in the ground, adjacent to all power stations in Latrobe Valley?
How ridiculous that fuel into boilers at power stations isn’t a mix of brown coal with modest proportion of landfill garbage, much heralded in other countries as realisation of “bioenergy”?
Bernie McComb, Phillip Island.