Our address received the nbn letter a few weeks ago.
It invited us to look at a website to select a retailer. Because it didn’t number them, yours truly kept scrolling down, counting on fingers and toes. From memory it was more than 130.
Difference between offers looked to be deliberately confusing, like electricity retail offerings, but without 30 and 40 per cent discount.
Previous Minister for Communications Mr Turnbull and successors insist that 25Mbps is enough, just like Bill Gates saying 64k of RAM memory was enough for any PC.
When we last moved house eight years ago, there didn’t seem to be any point in enabling a landline account.
Mobile is fine for short calls and wireless broadband with Skype is fine for longer calls. As long as you don’t have cravings for downloading big files like movies, you don’t need nbn.
You can always choose to connect later, whenever.
Of course, folks with medical conditions must be connected by landline. But question – don’t you need a special connection to a plain old POTS line which doesn’t die during grid power failure at fibre to the node box? Fibre to the home can stay connected presuming you have backup power at home.
Costs are relatively high compared with performance. The recent revelation from nbn Corp is that one loading on a monthly bill is $15 to Telstra, for rental of the few metres of copper wire, between your house and the fibre to the node box at the corner of your street.
Have written to the PM and communications minsters to ask them to get real and buy these puny pieces of wire. Also if he wants more business for nbn from a part of the community which is low income and not expecting any pay rise on his watch, why doesn’t he organise a discount for pensioners? This is just one way, amongst many others, in which he really is disappointing.
Bernie McComb, Phillip Island.