There are collection tins at Revive Beauty & Spa and Headlines in Wonthaggi for the Look Good, Feel Better foundation; which helps to improve general well-being and confidence for people undergoing cancer treatment. mm170718

WHAT did you ask for on your 23rd birthday?
For Wonthaggi’s Lillian Pye-Thomson, she’ll be asking a hairdresser to cut off more than a foot of hair – and she plans to donate that hair to an organisation which creates wigs for kids, including those undergoing cancer treatment.
“Everyone asks ‘How long have you been growing it for?’ but the truth is I just left it and it keeps growing,” the 22-year-old said last week.
“I got a haircut about four years ago and it’s been growing ever since.”
She was inspired to help out Wigs For Kids after one of her friends cut off their hair and donated it to the organisation.
Wigs For Kids provides wigs and support for children who’ve lost their hair due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy and other medical issues. And they do it all for free.
“I thought that was fantastic, so I’m giving my hair to them,” Lillian said.
“I’ll be cutting just over 40cm of my hair and I’m looking forward to it, it’s such a great organisation.”
After the hair cut in late March, her hair will be packaged up and sent in the mail to the organisation.
“My friend, who donated to them before, said she did feel a bit weird putting her hair in a box and posting it but I figured while I’m cutting my hair, I’d like to raise a bit more awareness for them.”
It’s not the first time Lillian’s decided to cut off her hair for charity either.
In Year 7, the then 12-year-old participated in the World’s Greatest Shave – with a hairdresser shaving off all her hair.
Lillian’s also accepting cash donations for the Look Good, Feel Better foundation, an organisation which helps to improve general wellbeing and confidence for people undergoing cancer treatment – for free.
Lillian, a beauty therapist at Revive Beauty & Spa in Wonthaggi, said the foundation teaches people how to manage changes in their skin, hair and general appearance as a result of their treatment.
“I thought the Look Good, Feel Better foundation was pretty well-known, but not many people know about it and I just think it’s a really beautiful foundation,” she said.
“It’s for men, women and teenagers going through cancer treatment. They have their make-up done, they get to try on head scarves and wigs.”
Lillian will be getting her hair cut off on the morning of her 23rd birthday.
At 11.30am on March 24, her hair will be washed, dried and chopped at Headlines in Wonthaggi.
“On that night I’m having friends over as well and I’m just asking friends to donate money rather than buy gifts.
“My hair will end up being just above my shoulders.”
To donate, drop into Revive Beauty & Spa or Headlines in Wonthaggi. You can also donate online at
Both stores are also selling off ‘squares’ for $5 each – where people can purchase a number on a board out of 100 squares and if they win they’ll get a free package from the respective store.

Online comments
Lillian’s received plenty of praise on her online fundraiser from friends and family.
As of Monday, she raised $161 from just five people.
Here are some of the responses:
Denise Foulston: Go Lil you legend! Long hair, short hair it makes no difference you are just beautiful xxxx
Viki Jurek: Go Lillian, this is an amazing thing to be doing! Hope that you raise some good money and awareness for the charity! xx
Jan Thomson: Well done Lil..Mumma J proud of you xxxx