A DISUSED Wonthaggi supermarket is being transformed into a pool hall with 20 tables, to host more than 280 people for a weekend long tournament.
The old Coles supermarket off Watt Street will be brought to life for the annual Wonthaggi Cup in April. The event is usually held at the Wonthaggi Workmen’s Club and before that, the Miner’s Rest, but now in its 18th year, the event’s changed venues again.
Organiser Pat Hamilton says it’ll be open to the public to watch competitions.
On Friday April 6, the old supermarket will be decked out with pool tables, wine barrels, bars, food and seating.
“Some of the players will practise on Friday night and they’ll put on a pool competition,” Pat said.
Over the weekend of April 7 and 8, competitions will be run all-day.
It’s the biggest team event in pool tournaments across Australia, with 40 teams. As of last week, 17 teams had signed up.
“It was at the Wonthaggi Workmen’s Club every year and we’ve brought it down here, and we have every finger and toe crossed that it all goes well,” the Wonthaggi resident of 30 years said.
“We’ve had plenty of people peering in to see what’s going on and having a chat to us.
“Come Friday, April 6, everyone can come in and check it out, and then see all the action over the weekend too.”
The Wonthaggi Power Football Club will be helping out with catering and will receive a portion of the proceeds.
“And that’ll go towards kids’ footy boots, jumpers or whatever they need.”
Club members visited the building last week to discuss plans for decking out the old supermarket.
“It’s exciting, I’m looking forward to it,” Pat said.
Many in the community would like to see it turned into a permanent pool room.
“Everything will be packed up on the Sunday night and then we’ll be here Monday and Tuesday to clean it up,” Pat said.
He said the support from the Wonthaggi Power Football Club and sponsors has been incredible.
“We’d just like to thank all of our sponsors because it brings in great tourism to the town, into our local community, and without their support it wouldn’t be such a success.”