MERLEWOOD Angus held an on-farm open day at the weekend, offering visitors breeding consultations and the chance to inspect their bulls prior to the annual sale next month.
The open day, coinciding with Beef Week, was a success with many farmers visiting the Mirboo North property to chat to the team behind Merlewood Angus.
Breeding consultant Willie Milne said there was lots of interest on the day, with many surveying the bulls.
“The bulls are good quality, good temperament and they look good,” he said.
“There’re people who’ve bought bulls who are back here again looking today.
“There are some who came to the sale last year and didn’t buy a bull but have come back for the March sale.”
Mr Milne said the farm held a successful sale last year.
“I think they could be looking forward to a good sale this year with the quality of animals they’ve got here.”
The second annual Autumn Bull Sale will be held on Friday, March 23 from noon on their farm at 880 Berrys Creek Road, Mirboo North.
It will include selling sons of Irelands Heirloom H343, Te Mania Jarcevo J545, Millah Murrah Kingdom K35, Merlewood Emperor H43, Irelands Heirarchy H152 and V A R Reserve 111.
All sale bulls are administered with vaccinations 7-in 1, Vibrovax and Pestigard.