The CEO of the South Gippsland Shire finds it easier to ignore ratepayers for years about Bald Hills wind farm disturbances.
This inaction could cost ratepayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.
In the meantime ratepayers are entertained with the big sideshow in town called the ‘Plan’.
This ‘Plan’ is such a closely guarded secret that no one was allowed to know it existed until some weeks ago.
Actually, a ‘Plan’ is just some ideas that may well turn out to be totally useless.
A ‘Plan’ is never a ‘Result’ and must never be allowed to parade as such by carefully orchestrated distractions and deflections.
In my view the ‘Plan’ is just a Circus Show to divert attention from the fact that Bald Hills ratepayers have been treated with such disregard that they instigated legal action resulting in council to pay their legal costs and ordering the CEO to be interrogated.
If ‘Leading from the Front’ means endless attempts to excuse the CEO from treating Bald Hills ratepayers in the manner I am told about, then I suggest it is better to perform some rear-guard actions and put the interests of ratepayers and residents first.
There is another plan which is of far more importance and one section in particular has been treated with utmost silence. Not a whimper.
I would have thought this plan receives the attention ratepayers deserve but it seems our interests are ignored in favour of extraordinary efforts to excuse the actions of the CEO.
The existing Council Plan 2017-2021, page 17 item 4.7 states the following:
“Work in Partnership with the Chief Executive Officer and senior staff to develop a four year Rate Reduction Strategy to reduce the Rate Burden by 3% through improved innovation and productivity savings, streaming the administrative structures and processes, through improved Business Unit performance and economic growth.”
A 3 per cent reduction in the Rate Burden over four years is a reduction of 0.75 per cent for each one of those years.
That means that during four years there will be no rate increases. Conservative calculations indicate Rate Burden reduction will be some $6.2 million and as such is desperately needed by ratepayers and long overdue.
When will this be implemented?
Leading from the front indeed.
Gus Blaauw, Treasurer, South Gippsland Action Group.